Monday, June 23, 2014

Sennheiser HD-360 PRO DJ Studio Style Over-Ear Headphones

Music played through these medium weight on-ear headphones is a little overly bright on the treble end of the sound spectrum, and may need the use of tone controls or an equalizer to cut it down a bit and avoid a headache from long term use. Think of fingernails on a blackboard. The overall frequency response is definitely not flat. Otherwise, the sound is clear, with plenty of detail. I think these headphones are excellent at low listening levels, but would definitely need a way to cut the treble at higher listening levels.

I would give the sound a rating of four stars, as it is not flat enough for higher listening levels on a computer, where tone controls may not be available. The construction quality also rates four stars, as the headband could be wider to distribute the weight better, and the cord, while plenty long at ten feet, one inch, is rather flimsy at only 3/32 inch thick, and it is not a user replaceable plug-in. The design rates four stars as well.

The earcups swivel both horizontally and vertically, and even fold inwards for storage in the included storage bag, along with the 6.3mm adapter plug. The leatherette on-ear pads are ok for short term use, but they are too thin, and the clamping pressure may require bending of the ends of the headband outward to make the headphones comfortable for long-term use, and the flimsy non-replaceable cord does not seem to be either designed or destined for a lifetime of heavy use, meaning these headphones are straying into the territory of the disposables.
Comfort rates four stars, as the ear pads become sweaty with use, and the headband could be wider to support the weight on the top of your head. If you bend the metal headband to adjust it for clamping comfort, only bend the ends near the ear cups, and do not flatten the very top of the headband, as that would transfer the weight to a single point on the top of your head and become painful over time. Why can't the headphone companies make ear cups large enough to fit your ears into, so that the clamping pressure is against your head, and not your ears? Years ago, headphone ear cups were larger, like the ear cups on ear protectors, but for some reason, headphone ear cups have shrunk in size over the years. New designs are not always better designs.

Overall, we get a total score of 16 stars out of a possible 20 stars, or 80% (B-), and an overall rating of four stars. Are they worth buying? Yes...

Sennheiser HD-360 PRO DJ Studio Style Over-Ear Headphones (Black)